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Our Team:

Dr. Lajos Balogh

Founder and Chief Veterinary 
speaks English

Dr. Julianna Thuróczy

Founder and Chief Veterinary
speaks English, German, French

Dr. Jusztina Szilágyi

general veterinary surgeon, 

speaks English

Dr. Georgina Helyes

general veterinary surgeon, 

speaks English


General veterinary care:

  • Puppy and kitten vaccines, parasite checks and de-worming
  • Annual physical examinations, vaccinations and parasite checks
  • Geriatrics- annual/bi-annual exams, blood-work, urine analysis, pain management, Senior Screening
  • Parasite control- flea, heartworm, intestinal parasites
  • Microchip, pet passport

Internal medicine:

  • Preventive care, nutritional education
  • Well- equiped laboratory
  • Hospitalization
  • In-house diagnostics by request
  • Ultrasound


  • State of the art anesthesia
  • Advanced anesthetic monitoring
  • Elective surgery: spaying and neutering
  • Advanced surgery: general soft tissue

Special Care:


  • anesthetized cleaning, polishing, extractions and oral surgery

Hungarian version:


52. Kossuth L. Str

1221 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36 1 229 3865

Hours: Mo-Fri 8AM-8PM

           Sat 9-12AM

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Senior Screening:

Pets age too, and pets age faster than their human parents. A dog or a cat is considered to be a senior after the 10th year of age. Moreover, large breed dogs over 10 years of age belong to the Guinness Book of Records.