Dear Sir, I have a Dobermann, 13 years old, who can not stand on his back feet any more, he was treated for one week in a alatkorhaz by Dr. Tamas Juhasz who said the dog’s spine is the problem and he said that operation would be a solution for a younger dog but for the old one it is not. He thinks the only solution is eutanasia which I refused to accept. CAN ANYONE HELP US? I live on the second floor and work all day, 9-18, and it is imposible to keep him in the flat while I’m not there because he can’t keep the urin and…, and it’s also imposible to carry him down from the second floor because he is not alowing that by growling and barking. What do I do?

I am afraid, that the veterinary college you mentioned has right and there is no real chance of your poor dog. He is a real veterane, and basically do not count whether there is a malignant process in his spine or only a degenerative or inflammation process. As the conservative treatment did not help even symptoms are worsening I also think that the dog is chanceless. Sorry to say but I fell that euthanisia is the only help that a veterinary can offer to you.

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